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Raising money for Skydog Sanctuary

Blue Zeus 

Wild One

In 2023 I was suggested by one of my followers to take a look at a wonderful charity called Skydog Sanctuary. I followed their page and read their stories - all of which ignited both a passion and inspiration within. I decided to create a drawing to send to them to raise money for the horses. This is where the iconic Blue Zeus came in. When seeing a photo of him I knew that I wanted to recreate that wild spirit within. In 2024 I sent them this drawing of Blue Zeus and I am proud to say that they raised a total of $ 23 088.31 in their auction, $455 of which was raised by this drawing.


Limited Edition Print

I decided that I had give other horse lovers an opportunity to own a piece of the wild spirit these horses have and so I am offering 30 signed and numbered Giclee Prints. Each print is an artwork in its own right and is archival, meaning it will last for years to come! Each print measures 11 x 14 in size and is £50 with free UK tracked shipping. If you are outside of the UK, shipping rates will apply. Please click the link below and fill out the form if you are interested in purchasing a print. Alternatively, use my contact form to get in touch! 

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